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Next date - Spring 2024

Props can make or break a set and as film sets get bigger and demand is so high, we need more trained Props practitioners. We are excited to find the next group of props trainees who will be working on a wide range of film and tv productions, across all budget ranges and all over the UK.

Our Props Training Course will cover everything you need to know to start successfully in the Props team. This is a modular programme, with the workshops taking place on Zoom and finishing with a workshop session.

We will be looking at:

• The UK film and tv drama industries – how they are set up, how they work and who works in them

• Why props matter

• The different roles in the Props department and how they collaborate with other art department teams

• What you need to know to be a good Dressing Prop trainee

• What you need to know to be a good Standby Prop trainee

• Working in Stores

• CV and one to one career guidance

• Information on productions and who to contact for work and when

Who can apply:

You are eligible to apply if you are trying to break into the film industry, looking to change departments or are working as a Props trainee and would benefit from some information and support.

The programme will equip you for success and provide access to a lot of information and a supportive community of like minded people.


4 ZOOM Sessions and a practical full day workshop session in Brighton.


This scheme does not have Film Fund investment but bursaries may be available from ScreenSkills to assist with course fees.

Course fees are £375 +vat.

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