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June Newsletter

MENTORING NETWORK Our latest round of TP mentees – 8 new freelancers working in the art department and post production - have now completed a series of workshops and are beginning one to one sessions and time with their industry mentor. If you are looking for trainees who are ready to hit the ground running in props, post, set dec and the art dept, please let us know.


UPCOMING SESSIONS ONE-TO-ONE CAREER SESSIONS 60mins Online This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV, who you need to be sending it to and when and how to fill your skills and knowledge gaps; "All the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you". £125+vat Details here OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPRATMENT Wednesday 20th July Our popular session which examines the scale and scope of the art department on feature films and HETV dramas and how to work successfully in it. We cover all the job roles – if you are interested in working in set dec, graphics, props or the art department this is the perfect starting point. You will understand what everyone does, where you are best suited, what will be expected of you, what to put in your cv and get onto productions and how to do well. £75+vat Details here


RETURN TO WORK PROGRAMME We are in the process of confirming placements for some of our Return To Work participants – if you are crewing up and would benefit from an extra pair of hands in Production Buying, Set Dec Art Directing and Art Directing , please let us know. If your production is contributing to the HETV Skills Fund, we can cover up to £6,000 of their salary. Please contact for more information.

BFI SKILLS REVIEW The BFI Skills Review 2022 published this week is a detailed look at workforce development in Film and HETV production sector. The report highlights the key skills challenges currently facing production and sets out recommended actions. Helen was the industry consultant on this report and would like to thank everyone who contributed to it, both formally and informally. It was a comprehensive piece of work and the aim was to get physical production’s voice and concerns heard. Let us know what you think – we would love to hear. Read the review here

INDUSTRY TOP TIP If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” Prep is a word we use a lot. It’s important. But it’s not just about the time leading up to the shoot…’s for the duration. A mindset if you will! Prep your day as much as you can – get in early and calmly go through your to do list, make notes and prioritise properly. Give yourself a rough idea of how long each element will take to do. Refer back to it throughout the day, communicating progress with others. Enjoy crossing thing off and making notes so you are ready to pick up the following day. The more prep you do, the more you will get through and the more rewarding it will all feel. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • Summer blockbusters are well and truly hitting the screen – although not sure many will come close to box office success as Top Gun Maverick, a whirlwind of big screen entertainment. Proper homage to all things Simpson/Bruckheimer and well worth the cinema ticket.

  • If staying in is more your thing and you haven’t caught it yet, Sherwood is TV drama at its absolute best. Writing, direction, performances and craft/tech achievements are all absolutely on point.

  • The news is grim these days as we seem to hurl from one horror to another – reading and watching it all can be draining. So thankfully political commentator Lovely Lydia provides a weekly round of up politics and international events. She has worked in many UK government and Foreign and Commonwealth departments so has an excellent understanding of all news and its impact and explains it clearly and insightfully. She is also an artist, printmaker and seamstress – so lots going on!


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