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Talking Point is a film and television industry training provider. We run a wide range of courses and programmes for people wanting to break into the industry and those who are already established in their department looking to up-skill and move up a grade. Our programmes include short courses, masterclasses, one to one sessions, networking opportunities and mentoring. 


We work alongside studios, streaming networks and productions to train their employees directly on the job and are regularly asked to help crew up roles in physical production.  So, not only is our training cost effective, inclusive and industry focussed, we can also help steer you towards employment on feature films and tv dramas. Over 85% of our mentees on the Mentoring Network have moved into contracts on mid-large scale productions.  Our training and networking works!


We also consult between the film and television industries, its stakeholders and the government on new skills initiatives and developments. We are involved with developing qualifications and apprenticeship schemes and providing research to in-depth industry reports and evaluate programmes for a wide range of clients.


Led by Helen Johnson, our project managers all have over 20 years of production experience and a wide range of industry relationships. Prior to working freelance and starting Talking Point, Helen delivered the UK Film Skills Strategy for Creative Skillset and was Head of Physical Production at the Glasgow Film Office.  

Talking Point has transformed my job prospects, not only by arming me with essential knowledge of the working culture of the industry, but also by providing me with a fantastic network of contacts. The group on my round of the network continue to be a constant source of encouragement, advice and guidance. I value them and everyone I’ve met through Talking Point hugely.


I couldn’t have anticipated how brilliant and ultimately life-changing it would turn out to be!


Trying to be successful in the industry no longer feels scary and isolating because I now have some great allies and friends. I owe my successes in work recently to TP and

Helen’s guidance! 

Maud Thomson


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