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The TP. Mentoring Network is a modular programme for people coming into, or moving up a grade in, physical production departments. It provides a range of information, workshops and one to one sessions to ensure mentees are industry-ready and armed with the right contacts and knowledge to progress their career in Feature Film and HETV.


One element of this scheme is time spent with an established industry mentor, who provides insights and advice on how to work effectively in their chosen department. Our mentors have established practitioners working at a supervisory level on feature films and high-end tv dramas. Recent productions they have worked on include House of Dragons, The Crown, Fast X, Loki, Lord of the Rings – the Rings of Power, Enola Homes 2, Death on the Nile, Cruella, Andor, Meg 2, Empire of Light. Never Let Me Go, Bridgerton, Top Boy, Wonka, Happy Valley and The Batman.

We work with up to 10 individuals in each round, for a period of 3 months.

Bursaries for travel/accommodation, fees and child/dependent may be available thanks to the Film Skills Fund managed by Screen Skills. Please ask us about this if you think you may be eligible and would like to apply.


This is a successful scheme – 154 mentees and 75% of these are now well established in the industry, working on band 2 and band 3 dramas.


Photo: Set Dec Art Director, Clara Gomez del Moral 


Membership cost is £275 + vat* eligible for ScreenSkills bursary
and via an application process.

Applications are now closed

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