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Thursday 24th February 20:00-21:00 Online

A core element of the Art Directing job is to communicate what the Art Department intends to do when working on a location. This can range from simply removing unwanted signage, to installing large scale Construction elements, dressing & vehicles. This TP Industry Session examineD

  • how to liaise with all art department teams to ascertain what is required on each location

  • how to communicate that effectively to the Locations team

  • what to consider when preparing the Intentions document for distribution

We discussed this element of art directing with Art Director Matt Kerly, whose recent credits include Wonka, The Batman, The King’s Man and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Matt has considerable experience in this role and shared his approach and guidance on how to create and communicate intentions successfully.

ScreenSkills funding this Session to ensure it is free to participants. This is part of their support to the screen industries during these unprecedented times.

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