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Scenic Prop & Painting with Tess Faria

Saturday 7th May

Tess Faria is an established Props Painter who is currently working on Sam Mendes’ feature Empire of Light. Her recent credits in this role include Cruella and Cheaters. Prior to working in props, Tess worked across a wide range of film, tv drama, theatre and immersive projects as a Scenic Artist, including several projects for Secret Cinema. We talked to Tess about her journey into scenic art, the experiences she has had and how that has led her to working as a Props Painter. We also discussed;

· the roles of scenic and props painters

· how she creates different paint finishes

· the techniques she uses

· the skills and knowledge to be successful in the role

· how to work collaboratively with the props, set dec and construction teams

· what you need to have in your kit

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