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It made me feel that I had a supportive community who I could speak to about working in film.  The incredible thorough teaching made me feel excited and empowered to plan my route into the industry.  It has fast tracked the research and networking that I was doing on my own before so that I have more knowledge about who and how I am building a network to work with.  It gave me a structure to my searching and researching so that I have made a more organised timetable for myself. It gave me so much hope and drive in the weirdest of times during a pandemic! If I had to pick one thing it would be the amazing information...The whole program is so supportive and confidence boosting - absolutely brilliant.   It has been life changing - I think the enthusiasm for the working in the industry during the sessions along with the support is so inspiring.  It will keep me focussed, driven and motivated for a long time! I think I would have loved this training as part of my theatre performance design MA training as I always wanted to work in film but the tutors weren’t up to date!  Perhaps it could be advertised to those doing theatre/performance design - many would love it I think!

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