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Obviously this is all caveated as we took part during lockdown when normal service was impossible and new ways of communicating were being trialled. 

  1. The training sessions were incredibly well delivered, over zoom, split down to cover one subject per session. The information was easily digestible and all pertinent and the environment was conducive to discussion and questions. 

  2. The organisation obviously thought through the dynamics of the group and the pairings of the mentors in great detail. 

  3. There has been lots of work done to integrate our group into the wider mentee community to further benefit the aims of the program. 

  4. All of the programs scope and the responsibilities on both sides were very clear from the outset ensuring the complete buy in of the mentees. 

  5. Loads of extra training opportunities have been made available to the group and has led to intergroup cohesion and further sharing of information. 

In addition, Helen and her team are providing a really valuable service which will benefit the industry over a long period of time and mentees like myself over the course of our careers.

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