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Firstly I'd say that the programme clearly has a well established reputation as it was recommended to me by a very experienced Art Director. For an outsider to the industry, this was very reassuring as we are faced with so many options for training and courses without knowing how well they will serve us. The cost of the mentorship programme is very reasonable, this is really important as it means it's inclusive and accessible. Had the cost been higher I might have delayed taking part or perhaps not applied at all. Once I was accepted I felt that all the scheduled meetings and events were extremely rich with information and insights which I'd struggled to get elsewhere. Also I thoroughly enjoyed them ! There were a lot of practical tips and general overview given in order for mentees to gain an understanding of every aspect of working with Feature Films and High End TV Dramas. I felt this information was very clear, detailed and current and was invaluable to making me feel confident and ready enough to take the next steps towards a job in this industry.   There's been a lot of additional support and the feeling that we are able to keep in touch and get helpful advice. I've really appreciated this and invitations to networking events/calls and online workshops in recent months. Considering that work has been at a standstill and we are faced with uncertainty about what the opportunities open to us will be in the near future, this additional engagement has given me a lot of hope and ideas about how to keep being productive. I'm very grateful to be a part of the Talking Point Network, I think you do a great job of fulfilling your mission. Everything is run in a very professional, efficient yet  pleasurable way and I'd absolutely recommend the programme to anyone who wants to work in film.

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