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It is positively Spring-like now – hope everyone is managing to get some nature fixes at lunchtime. Lots going on this month….

UPCOMING SESSIONS PRODUCTION DESIGN INDUSTRY SESSION with Mark Tildesley Saturday 30th April 10:00 -11:30 Mark Tildesley is one of the world’s leading Production Designers, currently designing Sam Mendes’ feature Empire of Light. His recent credits include The Bubble, No Time to Die, The Two Popes and Phantom Thread. Having designed some of the world’s biggest feature films, he will be discussing his journey into production design, his design process across different budget ranges and how he collaborates with Set Dec, Props and Construction to achieve the look. Details here

SCENIC & PROP PAINTING - INDUSTRY SESSION with Tess Faria Saturday 7th May 10:00-11:00 Hear about the roles of scenic and props painters, how Tess creates different paint finishes and get some top tips on the techniques she uses. Ideal for anyone dressing on low-mid budget jobs where there isn’t a props painter. Details here

OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT Tuesday 3rd May 10:00-12:30 Our popular session which examines the scale and scope of the art department on feature films and HETV dramas and how to work successfully in it. Details here

LUKE WHITELOCK DESIGN - 50% Discount on SketchUp Tutorial Art Director Luke Whitelock (Enola Holmes 2, The Sandman, Cruella) has offered us a 50% discount on his Sketchup tutorial. The tutorials include the workflow from start to finish, tutorials on window design, door design, CNC and basic steel fabrication as well as a pack of 6 license free door models for your own use. It’s a great way to understand Sketchup and how it can be applied to set design. Luke is also happy to answer any questions you may have. Use the code lw22 at checkout for your discount to be applied.

PROPS TRAINING COURSE We have wrapped on the latest Props Course which finished with a great day's workshop in Brighton with Prop Master Ben Johnson and a suprise visit from Storeman Quentin Davies. A genuinely brilliant group of trainees, we wish them every success!

MENTORING NETWORK - LAST CALL FOR APPLICATIONS! The Network provides a community of support so that you can make the first steps into the industry or move up a grade successfully. Lots of information, guidance and advice, as well as access to networking events and introductions to practitioners. This is a successful scheme – we have 140 Mentees on the Network, 90% of whom are now working in the department of their choice on Band 2 and 3 feature and tv drama productions all over the UK. More details and how to apply here

INDUSTRY TOP TIP Don’t stop doing your best just because someone isn’t giving you due credit. Film is a collaborative venture but there will always be those who think they are creating the magic on their own! Don’t let that deter you from doing your best work every day. People will notice. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • Renowned film stills photographer Greg Williams has launched an online magazine, Hollywood Authentic, where he shares behind the scenes footage and interviews. Think old-school film magazines or Life with interesting stories and beautiful stills.

  • Congratulations to all the winners and nominees at this weekend’s Bafta TV Craft Awards. Great to see proper attention being given to those working behind camera. Particular shout out to the art department on Landscapers (and to our mentees and mentors who worked on it!)

  • Tree-free rainbow seed paper – one step further than recycled paper, this stationary pad is made with tree-free coloured paper and embedded with wildflower seeds, so when you’ve used it, you can plant it immediately and bring some nature inside!


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