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February Newsletter

We have had some great Sessions this month, including Art Dept Intentions, Managing Conflict and Negotiation, CVs and Networking and an Overview of the Art Department. These were all popular session so we hope to run them again

Location Intentions for Art Directors with Matt Kerly


We have now completed the recruitment for the Props Course – the busiest round we have had yet, so much so that we are going to run two courses in parallel. Congratulations to successful applicants and we really look forward to working with you. Prop Masters – we will send out the list of new trainees once they have completed the course. Read about the course here


There will be an online networking event for TP mentees on Thursday 3rd March. Sign up via email for the usual catching up and mayhem! Read about TP Network


We have also completed recruitment for the Return to Work programme and are looking forward to working with the 8 established art dept freelancers looking to come back into the industry. At such a busy time, retaining experienced talent is critical and we hope this is the first of many schemes that can address this. Read about the progamme here

INDUSTRY TOP TIP This month’s top tip comes from Camera Operator and President of the ACO Peter Robertson. Peter’s recent credits include Wonka, Cyrano and The Little Mermaid. His advice is to “make a special point of learning everybody's name and position on set each time you change jobs. You will be appreciated for not shouting 'oi mate' when you need to grab someone's attention especially if it’s the director or producer who aren't always the most obvious people when you first walk on a set. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • At a time when the existence of the BBC is being questioned, it feels like a good reminder that there has been some great drama produced recently – Chloe, Responder and This Is Going to Hurt are all great examples (and always good to see mentees in the credits!)

  • Diary dates – BFDG Awards 12th March, BAFTA Awards 13th March, Oscars 28th March. Good Luck to all the nominees!

  • Wintering by Katherine May – late to this but well worth the hype. Perfect grey Springtime reading and a reminder that taking some time to rest and reflect is never a bad thing, whatever the season.


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