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January - Latest News

And in the blink of an eye, we’re almost finished with January……that went fast! Hope it was successful and productive for you all. The light is getting brighter and the evenings are getting longer, which is always good – and we have lots of great courses and sessions coming up over the next few months…..

COMING UP Tuesday 8th February 8pm Zoom

This session has been extremely popular – so much so that we are going to split into two groups. This one with Sara Putt will be for Heads of Department and senior practitioners in the art department – there will be one for more junior grades soon. That way we can ensure that each session is as meaningful and bespoke as we can make it. Places available for both sessions, apply via the website here.


Starting out in the Props Dept in Film and TV - Thursday 10th February 8pm Zoom If you are interested in learning more about the Props department, what they do and how to get in to the teams, come to the free session we are running in association with Filmbase. A panel of established practitioners will discuss their roles and answer questions. More information and details on how to register here.


March - May

We have been developing this ScreenSkills programme for a while and are now very excited to get it going. It is for 12 craft and technical freelancers who have taken time out of their feature/tv careers and are looking to return to productions. This free, modular course offers a wide range of mentoring, networking and training to ensure participants feel more confident and ready to come back. We will then offer 6 of the participants a 10 week paid placement on an HETV drama. This is a great opportunity for anyone about to step back into it who could do with some gentle hand holding. It also gives us an opportunity to promote more flexible working options. We need to retain the talent we have and make it easier for people to come back – so this is great first step. More details and how to apply on the website here


Thursday 10th February 10am Zoom

This workshop examines what you need to know and do to be a great assistant in production roles and - importantly - get asked back. We look at the do’s and don’ts, what to expect and what will be expected of you, how the industry and productions are structured and an overall view of how to succeed. This session is ideal for anyone considering a career in features and HETV dramas, those who are relativelynew to it and looking to consolidate their experience and freelancers looking to move up a budget level. Heads of Department – if you have new people starting with you, please direct them to this session. It really does make a huge difference to their knowledge and confidence levels and how they start. It also ensures they can hit the ground running and support you better. Win!


March - Zoom and Workshop

We will be launching a second version of our modular Props Training programme course in March. This 6 week programme looks at all the roles, responsibilities of the team and what you need to know to get onto a job. The sessions will be on Zoom with a practical workshop day. Applications are now open, full details and application form on the website here


Location Intentions for Art DIrectors - Thursday 24th February 8pm Zoom Led by Matt Kerly this session will examine the process of creating and communicating art department intentions. More details coming soon.


There will be other art department courses and sessions coming over the next few months – if you are aware of any specific areas that we should be looking at, please get in touch with us.


INDUSTRY TOP TIP As productions gear up and recces start, we are reminded of some great advice from producer Mark Murdoch. Technical Recces can set the tone for the whole job. It’s the first day much of the crew meet the production; if the recce is well planned, organised and efficient it gives everyone confidence - and never under estimate the importance of coffee. Make sure a coffee order is taken on day one and never ask the question again. If someone wants an triple shot latte on Monday, they will be happy when they are handed another one on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I had a PA on a scout who jumped on the Tube and got to the next location ahead the recce coach. She had gone to Starbucks and was handing out coffees to the crew as we go off the bus. The point is try to pre-empt what makes the production run. Try to make the lives of the cast and crew a little easier by anticipating the pressures and demands they face. Lastly as a producer, you are still capable of making the coffee.



  • Our new website! Have a look and let us know what you think. All constructive feedback is welcomed!

  • Award season is upon us and it’s fantastic to see so many of our mentors and supporters nominated already. Really strong, interesting group of films this year and some beautiful work to celebrate. Huge luck to all of you – it’s going to be a tough call!

  • For days when you want a bit of background noise (and lots of people have found this very helpful over the last couple of years) check out the London Sound Survey - a collection of audio recordings of London life between 2008- 2020. You can hear specific sounds (Hackney wildlife, 19thcentury London life, Thames Estuary, ) or go into the audio tube map and click on a specific area – great way to hear how London locations differ.


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