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WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO Our TP Industry Session on Designing Barbie was nothing short of pure joy! Sarah and Katie were both incredibly generous with what they shared and discussed and it was amazing to see their creative process from script to screen. That and all the pink made for a very upbeat and inspirational start to the weekend – huge thanks to them again.

TRAINING COSTS - BURSARIES All of our sessions and courses are eligible for bursaries from ScreenSkills. If your application is successful, it will cover up to 80% of the course costs and travel and accommodation from outside London. Please bear in mind that the application process takes up to 4 weeks (sometimes longer) and we will need your payment prior to the course delivery. TOP TIP Get organised! If you're not working, now is the time to get organised. Declutter your inbox, work on your portfolio, update your database of contacts, reach out to people and catch up, sort your reference photos and keep learning. Production will come back and you will be busy again - use this time to get fully prepped. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING Barbie. Obviously. No words needed. But a note to acknowledge what it, Oppenheimer and Mission Impossible : Dead Reckoning have all done for the cinema in the last 2 weeks. Let’s hope this is the start of a proper resurgence. Tippex Mini Pocket Mouse – these are our favourite bit of office stationery at the moment. Perfect for those who don’t like scribbles in notebooks and diaries – and they work every single time, even when the document is on a wall. Love! (and currently on a 2 for 1 offer here) Anya Hindmarch has created new ice cream flavours for The Ice Cream Project, at Anya Village until 27th August. Your go to parlour for Branston Pickle, Petits Pois, Warburton’s Crumpets and Ribena……

INDUSTRY SESSIONS GRAPHICS for FILM - Saturday 16th September 10:00 – 11:30 zoom Annie Atkins is a Dublin-based graphic designer for the film industry who has created graphic props and set-pieces for multiple Oscar-winning-and-nominated films. Her credits include the animated feature The Boxtrolls, Stephen Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies and West Side Story, and Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, French Dispatch, and The Grand Budapest Hotel – the latter went on to win the Academy Award for Best Production Design. Cost £50+vat. Full details and how to apply here

COURSES & WORKSHOPS MANAGING PERSONAL FINANACE - 15th August 7.30pm-8.30pm Zoom If you would like information on savings, pensions, tax and how to manage freelancing long term, this TP Session is for you! Cost £20+VAT. All details and how to apply here OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT - 7th September 10:00-12:30 Zoom Perfect for graduates and New Entrants, this 2 hour session examines all the different job roles and art department teams, how they work together and what you need to succeed in them. We also discuss CVs, portfolios and who to call for work and when. It is full of advice for anyone starting out or wanting more information. Cost £75+vat All details and how to apply here PETTY CASH BUYING at CLASSIC PROP HIRE CO - 15th September 09:00-17:30 This full-day day workshop, based at Classic Prop Hire, is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to work as a Junior Petty Cash Buyers on feature films and HETV dramas. Whether you are looking to move into the role, or have done so recently, this workshop will answer your questions and give you an opportunity to practice your skills. Cost £175+vat. All details and how to apply here INTRODUCTION TO SET DECORATING - 28th September 10:00-12:30 Zoom Are you looking to work in the Set Decorating team on features and HETV dramas? Or would you like to know more about it before you decide where you are best suited? This Introduction to Set Decorating session will help answer your questions. Perfect for graduates and New Entrants. Cost £75+vat. All details and how to apply here PROPS TRAINING COURSE - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER Applications are nowl open for this 6 part training course looking at all aspects of working in the Props department on a large scale production. The course will now start October, 5 sessions on Zoom and one workshop day in Brighton. Cost £375+vat Full details and how to apply here ONE TO ONE CAREER SESSIONS - BOOK A SLOT These sessions are like a secret guidebook – all the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you.” This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV to make sure it is industry focussed and then identify who you need to get it to and when. Cost £125+vat. All details and how to apply here


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