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June News

The sun is finally out! And what a difference it makes (although now, everyone is too hot!). And production levels are picking up both here and in the US, so everything is certainly feeling more positive.




We have now come to the end of our time with the mentees in this cohort and have really enjoyed working with them. They will be spending time with their mentors over the next few weeks and are now available for work – please do contact us for more information if you are crewing up and looking for art dept assistants and set dec trainees.


Thursday 11th July 7pm-9.30pm

Thank you to everyone who has RSVP'd to our annual Summer Networking event, this year at WB De Lane Lea on Greek Street. We are looking forward to seeing you all! The event is invitation only but if you would like to attend please get in touch.


Days on films and HETV dramas can be intense and quickly go from upbeat to frantic. Set Decorator Claire Richards (The House of the Dragons Season 1 and 2, Belfast) suggest that you need to “use your initiative to solve problems and be able to think creatively on your feet. This all comes with experience, so be prepared to learn every day, as I still do, from those around you. At the end of the day, we’re all working towards the same goal - attentively producing quality sets through impeccable research and sourcing the best of the best.’


  • As the election approaches it was reassuring to see the political parties confirm support to the creative industries – we shall see what the detail will be, but good to see there is no threat to what already exists. Let’s hope the range of fiscal incentives continue to grow the UK independent sector and bring more inward investment to the UK.


  • Evening sun calls for aperitif time….and we have the perfect solution when you fancy a negroni but don’t want the alcohol. Pellegrino SanBitter – non alc Campari and soda. Currently on offer at Ocado – if you prefer Aperol, try the Crodino. Tall glass, slice of orange, lots of ice. Magic!


  • Eel Pie island is one of the few remaining London islands on the Thames that is closed to the public – except twice a year when residents open their art and pottery studios. Perfect for afternoon stroll and nosey – and you may just pick up some art! 29 June – 7 July, Twickenham.



THE ART OF THE BACKDROP - Saturday 29th June 10:00-11:30 Zoom

This Session will be examining the three most used backdrops - scenic, softdrop and volumetric - and considering the pros and cons of each. 

We will be joined by Production Designer James Price and Senior Art Director Rod McLean who will share their experiences of identifying  which were the most suitable to use on their recent productions, why they were the most appropriate choice and the solutions they found using them.  



MANAGING PERSONAL FINANCE - Tuesday 9th July 7.30-8.30pm Zoom

David Thomas specialises in finance skills training and loves working with people who would rather hide under the duvet than open a spreadsheet! He will be joining us to talk about how to manage personal finance as a freelancer, both short and long term. We will be talking specifically about how to do so over the next month and beyond whilst the industry is quieter than usual.



HOW TO READ A TECHNICAL DRAWING - Saturday 13th July BrightonLearning how to prepare or read a technical drawing is a key element for working in all the art department teams – you may not have to create them, but knowing what to look for and finding the relevant information is an important part of the job.

Rod McLean, one of the UK’s most established and experienced Art Directors, will be working with the group. He has over 35 years experience of working on a wide range of features, with credits including Wicked, Jurassic World: Dominion, Empire of Light and The Marvels.



OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT - Tuesday 30th July 10:00-12:30 Zoom

Perfect for graduates and New Entrants, this 2 hour session examines all the different job roles and art department teams, how they work together and what you need to succeed in them. We also discuss CVs, portfolios and who to call for work and when. It is full of advice for anyone starting out or wanting more information.  




These sessions are like a secret guidebook – all the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you.” This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV to make sure it is industry focussed and then identify who you need to get it to and when.


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