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It’s starting to feel more Autumnal now – and the light chill in the air certainly matches the recent mood and temperature of the industry. Although, it is certainly cheering to finally see some positive steps forward from the WGA and AMPTP. Now, fingers crossed that the SAG AFTRA negotiations follow suit and productions can start coming back. That may still take a little time – so do keep taking up any opportunity to reach out and network – connection to others is so critical in the downtimes. It really does make a huge difference.

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO We have enjoyed some great industry sessions with Art Director, Rod McLean and Graphic Designer, Annie Atkins and another successful Petty Cash Buying Course at The Classic Prop Hire Company .

TRAINING COSTS - BURSARIES All of our sessions and courses are eligible for bursaries from ScreenSkills. If your application is successful, it will cover up to 80% of the course costs and travel and accommodation from outside London. Please bear in mind that the application process takes up to 4 weeks (sometimes longer) and we will need your payment prior to the course delivery. TOP TIP Keep Busy. It’s hard at the moment – especially when it’s been so long with no work - but try to use the time to get ready; declutter your kit, stock up, tweak that CV, network, comment on people’s insta posts and engage! People really do notice and remember. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • Our Networking Drinks! Such a great night catching up with new mentees and industry friends.

  • The London Centre has enormous scale models of London, walking tours of London architecture and models of upcoming planning permission – great to get a sense of the architecture of London and how the space of the city is evolving.

  • The onset of Autumn – yes warm weather is lovely, sunshine is life but London in 30 degree heat not so much. Welcome to the rain and breeze – it heralds stomping walks through crunchy leaves, cosying up with hot chocolates, baked potatoes and lots of good TV!

SET DECORATING SUMMIT - 14th October 09:30-17:30 Hosted by Filmbase, Talking Point and The Classic Prop Hire Company for all Set Decorating Crew. A day of collaboration and discussion on key issues such as rates, the strikes, department hierarchy and roles, flexible working, sustainability, bullying and harassment among others. Details and tickets here

INDUSTRY SESSIONS ZOOM NETWORKING - Tuesday 10th October 7pm-8pm Everyone welcome. Come and say hello and stay connected! Register here. PORTFOLIO SESSION - Saturday 4th November 10:00 - 13:00 BRIGHTON An opportunity to get your portfolio up-to-date and showcase your skills and talent with advice and guidance from leading industry practitioners! Senior Art Director, Rod McLean and Senior Set Decorator, Kathryn Pyle will lead the session and give one-to-one advice and guidance. Cost £35 + vat . All Details and how to apply here

COURSES & WORKSHOPS OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT - 4th October 10:00-12:30 Zoom Perfect for graduates and New Entrants, this 2 hour session examines all the different job roles and art department teams, how they work together and what you need to succeed in them. We also discuss CVs, portfolios and who to call for work and when. It is full of advice for anyone starting out or wanting more information. Cost £75+vat All details and how to apply here INTRODUCTION TO SET DECORATING - 2nd November 10:00-12:30 Zoom Are you looking to work in the Set Decorating team on features and HETV dramas? Or would you like to know more about it before you decide where you are best suited? This Introduction to Set Decorating session will help answer your questions. Perfect for graduates and New Entrants. Cost £75+vat. All details and how to apply here PETTY CASH BUYING at CLASSIC PROP HIRE CO - 1st December 09:00-17:30 This full-day day workshop, based at Classic Prop Hire, is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to work as a Junior Petty Cash Buyers on feature films and HETV dramas. Whether you are looking to move into the role, or have done so recently, this workshop will answer your questions and give you an opportunity to practice your skills. Cost £175+vat. All details and how to apply here ONE TO ONE CAREER SESSIONS - BOOK A SLOT These sessions are like a secret guidebook – all the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you.” This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV to make sure it is industry focussed and then identify who you need to get it to and when. Cost £125+vat. All details and how to apply here


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