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We regularly hold our Talking Point Industry Sessions on Zoom on Saturday mornings which are a brilliant opportunity to hear from the most established and experienced industry professionals. They are not just for trainees and juniors; they are open to everyone in the industry who is interested in learning from the very best and investing in their own professional development.


You get to listen and examine their work but you are also invited to ask questions. This ensures the Session is as meaningful for you as possible. And you can network (either via the chat or use the opportunity as a hook for future real-life events).


It’s a great way to start the weekend and we started the year with two amazing Industry Sessions in January...



Our first guest was SFX Supervisor and 2nd Unit Director Chris Corbould, who talked us through some of the amazing effect sequences used in Inception, No Time to Die and The Dark Knight. He explained how his department collaborated with the art department in each production and the level of detail that is required to create these exceptional shots. It was breath taking and mind boggling in so many ways and an amazing insight into this world, particularly as Chris was so generous and candid in sharing his experiences.


We were then joined by Set Decorator Lee Sandales looking at his work on Wonka. There is so much intricate detail and hard work in these sets and it was fascinating to hear how the chocolates, cherry blossom tree and Galleries were brought to life. The session was as uplifting and joyous as the film. Thanks again to Lee for joining us and being so generous with his time and insights.  

Our next Industry Sessions programme is launching soon....


Architects into Film

We recently wrapped up our Architects into the Art Dept course, with a networking brunch at the BFI. Participants spent time with established industry professionals who looked at their portfolios and course work, giving their feedback and guidance. Huge thanks to all of them.


This group of new assistants not only have the technical drawing skills but are also now fully aware of how the industry works, how the art department teams collaborate and what will be expected of them on a film production.


They also come with funding for paid placements on features that are paying into the Skills Fund. Definitely something for Supervising Art Directors to bear in mind when crewing up!


We wish them all the very best with next steps and look forward to seeing them out there soon.


Read and acknowledge emails! Yes, WhatsApp is quick and easy but people are still sending emails.  Check your inbox and check your junk folder!


And if someone has sent you information, offered feedback or a suggestion, acknowledge that you have received it. Don’t give them extra work having to chase your response.



  • The Films. So many films to watch and catch up on and this does feel like a bumper year. Too many good ones to list but a great time to see as many as we all can – and preferably at a cinema, where they are intended to be seen. We need to support cinemas more than ever and this is the ideal time.


  • One of our mentees Alberto Achar (Petty Cash Buyer) does an annual commentary on the award season, looking at who he thinks will win and who should win. Always worth a look to see if you agree.


  • Every year we all intend to watch more films, read more books, go and see more art. Director Steven Soderbergh compiles a list of everything he consumes each year – it may make you feel slightly inadequate, or not, but it’s an interesting read.





After much thought and deliberation, we have made small increases to the cost of our courses. The Industry Sessions will remain the same. We have been mindful of the pressures and extenuating circumstances freelancers have faced over the past 3 years and have held our prices during this time. We have also run several Industry Sessions at subsidised costs to enable our training to be accessible to all.


The good news is that we have secured ALL of our training courses and sessions to be eligible for bursaries from ScreenSkills.


Therefore, if you need extra and continued training to help you secure work please do look at applying for a bursary - if your application is successful, it will cover up to 80% of the course costs and travel and accommodation from outside London. Bear in mind, the application process can take up to 4 weeks.



PETTY CASH BUYING at CLASSIC PROP HIRE CO - 19th March 09:00-17:30

One of our most popular workshops, based at Classic Prop Hire, is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to work as a Junior Petty Cash Buyers on feature films and HETV dramas. Whether you are looking to move into the role, or have done so recently, this workshop will answer your questions and give you an opportunity to practice your skills.

Cost £225+vat. All details and how to apply here Deadline 16th February


PROPS COURSE - Applications Open - Deadline 1st March

We are running our renowned Props Course again in April. The course covers everything you need to know to start successfully in the Props team. This is a modular programme, with the workshops taking place on Zoom and finishing with a full-day workshop session.

Cost £425 + VAT Details here Deadline 1st March


INTRODUCTION TO SET DECORATING - 12th March 10:00-12:30 Zoom

Are you looking to work in the Set Decorating team on features and HETV dramas? Or would you like to know more about it before you decide where you are best suited? This Introduction to Set Decorating session will help answer your questions. 

Perfect for graduates and New Entrants.


OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT - 27th March 10:00-12:30 Zoom

Perfect for graduates and New Entrants, this 2 hour session examines all the different job roles and art department teams, how they work together and what you need to succeed in them. We also discuss CVs, portfolios and who to call for work and when. It is full of advice for anyone starting out or wanting more information.  



These sessions are like a secret guidebook – all the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you.” This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV to make sure it is industry focussed and then identify who you need to get it to and when.


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