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October Newsletter

Our news, upcoming courses and insider tips!

Architects into Art Dept in Film - November (applications close 27th October)

For architects and architecture graduates who are looking to transfer into the film/tv drama industries. We will look at how they can use their existing drawing skills on productions and provide them with a lot of information on how the industry works, the different roles within the art department and how to make contacts to get onto a job. All details here Set Decorating for Film - December/January This is a new programme for Assistant Set Decorators who are considering moving into a Head of Department role and those who have made the move within the last 2 years. It will focus on:

  • how to move up into a HoD role successfully

  • how to liaise and negotiate effectively with other HoDs

  • how to strengthen leadership and management skills

  • how to motivate and ensure well-being

  • how to recruit inclusively and understand good business and employment practices.

This senior level information is rarely available to film/tv freelancers –we hope this will offer support for leadership roles. Application information to be released shortly. Please let us know if you are interested in attending – These courses are FREE to participants and supported by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery.

Introduction to Set Decorating - Friday 11th November 10:00 click here Overview of the Art Department - Tuesday 15th November 10:00 click here Perfect for newcomers, these Sessions provide an overview of how the departments work, who does what, what will be expected and how to get onto productions. Trainees will start jobs with a much better understanding of the industry, which helps them and the productions they go on to.

PROPS TRAINING Another successful Props Training Course is complete! A great group. We wish them well and good luck with next steps!

INDUSTRY TOP TIP Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re not sure – obviously pick a good time to do so – but far better to ask, clarify and know what you are doing than be unsure and make mistakes. And write it down! Then you don’t have to come back and ask again! THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • Letterboxd - this app is perfect for making that list of films you want to see and haven’t got round to, but don’t want to forget that you want to see it etc. It came via one of our lovely mentees (Maud) who was evangelical about it – and rightly so! Prepare to lose hours to reviews, film tracking and Autumn watching inspo.

  • As the evenings draw in and award seasons eligibility deadlines loom, there is some great content to watch now and over the next couple of months (hence the need for Letterbxd!). We have been enjoying The Bear but also loving seeing our TP mentors, mentees and trainees’ credits on recent productions, including The Peripheral, Empire of Light, Matilda, House of Dragons, Catherine Called Birdy and Andor. Well done to all of you – especially those whose first credit it was. The first of many.

  • It’s almost November and as is traditional, here is the rallying cry for Parkin! This is the best one - and they have discounted delivery, so there is no excuse! (and in case you don’t know what Parkin is, here is some info).


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