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September newsletter

UPCOMING COURSES/SESSIONS We are pleased to announce our new slate of Art Department Courses for Autumn 2022. These are modular, on zoom, and will run in November/ December 2022. Dates are being confirmed so please keep an eye out for those on social and in emails.

Production Buying for Film - November For Assistant Buyers and experienced Petty Cash Buyers who are considering moving into a Production Buying role. We will be looking at budgeting and reporting financial information, how to manage and motivate a team, how to ensure well-being in the department and how to work successfully with a Set Decorator. Architects into Art Dept in Film - November For architects and architecture graduates who are looking to transfer into the film/tv drama industries. We will look at how they can use their existing drawing skills on productions and provide them with a lot of information on how the industry works, the different roles within the art department and how to make contacts to get onto a job. Set Decorating for Film - November/December For Assistant Set Decorators looking to step up to decorate and Set Decorators who are already established but looking for more information and guidance. This course will focus on how to move up into a HoD role successfully, how to liaise and negotiate effectively with other HoDs, leadership and management skills, how to motivate and ensure well-being, how to recruit inclusively and good business and employment practices. This senior level information is rarely available to film/tv freelancers –we hope this will offer support for leadership roles. These courses are FREE to participants and supported by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery. Application information will be released shortly.

We'll also be releasing dates for our popular Overview sessions in Set Decorating, Art Department and Props. Perfect for newcomers, these provide an overview of how the departments work, who does what, what will be expected and how to get onto productions. Trainees will start jobs with a much better understanding of the industry, which helps them and the productions they go on to.

SCREEN CULTURE The BFI has released its new 10 year strategy - Screen Culture - which aims to diversify and widen audiences, enhance career information and film education and ensure we have a skilled workforce to meet the production demand. Ben Roberts CEO noted that, “skills are at the heart of the entire strategy”. He has repeatedly discussed crew shortages and the need to not only attract newcomers to the industry but also retain the talent we have. Helen worked with the BFI on the recent UK Skills Review and it’s encouraging to see a lot of that review’s content included in the overall strategy. We look forward to seeing more support for the skills agenda and working alongside the BFI and other lead organisations to close the gap.

OFFICE ADMIN JOB ALERT We are looking for a part time, freelance admin assistant to help us with some admin and social media. Please share this with anyone who may be looking for a break from productions or a way to learn more about the industry. Details here

INDUSTRY TOP TIP When things go wrong, try and take the emotion and reaction out of it. Avoid drama. It is simply news – information to know, act on and find a solution. THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • We are coming to the end of our Props Course and every kit should have a can of Wood Silk. It is wood polish – and then some! By far the best for every day and makes considerably more shine!

  • We have been working with a lot of people on CVs recently and this free site can be helpful – It offers a range of fonts to use based on personality types (of either a person or content) Gentle warning - you can lose hours playing around with this!

  • We know we need to have phone free time – but it’s often difficult to manage when you’re working. This article gives some sensible reminders about using notifications. We’re all trying to get better working hours agreed – everyone needs to switch off and live life a little. This may help create some boundaries and time.


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