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It seems so much has been going on over the last month whilst we waited for positive news from SAG-AFTRA. And now it has finally come! There will hopefully be a long-awaited gear change over the next few weeks. Here is what we’ve been up to and what is to come. WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO Set Dec Summit The feedback we have had from the Set Decorating Summit has been overwhelmingly positive. It was so good to see so many people there, new and old friends, and have a chance to listen, learn and catch up. And eat tasty food courtesy of Gourmet Location Catering (if anyone is looking for a film caterer!) Feedback and resources from the event have been sent out this week. If you didn’t feedback yet, please do – all experiences are well received!

Portfolio Session - We had a great Portfolio Session on Saturday, where 12 people had a chance to get one to one feedback on their work. Huge thanks to Senior Art Director, Rod McLean and Senior Set Decorator, Kathryn Pyle who were both informative and inspirational in equal measure. We will be holding another of these sessions in the New Year – dates to come soon!

TRAINING COSTS - BURSARIES All of our sessions and courses are eligible for bursaries from ScreenSkills. If your application is successful, it will cover up to 80% of the course costs and travel and accommodation from outside London. Please bear in mind that the application process takes up to 4 weeks (sometimes longer) and we will need your payment prior to the course delivery. TOP TIP Make the time count – as productions come back, crew will need to be ready - so make this last bit of quiet time count. Get those CVs and portfolios in good shape, be ready to start cold-calling and talking to people, sort your kit out and clear some space on your inbox, hard-drive and drop box… all the boring jobs now and then you are good to go! THINGS WE HAVE BEEN ENJOYING

  • Community Concentration Sessions – perfect for those times when you have task based projects to complete (or actually even jobs at home) but just can’t get started or keep putting them off. Or procrastination looms! This is a 3hr silent zoom session – you keep your camera on but sound muted and get to work. It’s basically a way of getting on with it. Does help, especially for those mundane jobs you put off forever. And if you get really stuck and need project management help, you can get support too.

  • Haramaki – the seasons have shifted and it’s certainly getting colder. So time to get the haramaki out! For those who aren’t familiar, these are Japanese cotton core warmers – you wear them under your clothes and they trap the warmth of your body in. Perfect for draughty workshops, yoga, getting warm after swimming and general cold days. Japanese culture believes that keeping the kidneys warm furthers well-being and prevents colds…..definitely worth a try! We have a discount code – TALK23 which gets 10% off.

  • Parkin and all things ginger spiced cake – tis the season! If you are also a fan, check out and

ARCHITECTS into ART DEPT IN FILM - November / December Are you a qualified architect or architect graduate looking to transfer your skills into the film industry? This programme will help you use your existing skills in a new, creative environment. There are 4 online sessions looking at all aspects of working in the art department on a feature film, a chance to engage with established freelancers and a networking brunch with art department professionals. A FREE programme, supported by the ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund with contributions from UK film productions. Cost FREE All details and how to apply here Deadline 15th November!

COURSES PETTY CASH BUYING at CLASSIC PROP HIRE CO - 1st December 09:00-17:30 One of our most popular workshops, based at Classic Prop Hire, is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to work as a Junior Petty Cash Buyers on feature films and HETV dramas. Whether you are looking to move into the role, or have done so recently, this workshop will answer your questions and give you an opportunity to practice your skills. Cost £175+vat. All details and how to apply here OVERVIEW OF THE ART DEPARTMENT - 19th December 10:00-12:30 Zoom Perfect for graduates and New Entrants, this 2 hour session examines all the different job roles and art department teams, how they work together and what you need to succeed in them. We also discuss CVs, portfolios and who to call for work and when. It is full of advice for anyone starting out or wanting more information. Cost £75+vat All details and how to apply here INTRODUCTION TO SET DECORATING - 16th January 10:00-12:30 Zoom Are you looking to work in the Set Decorating team on features and HETV dramas? Or would you like to know more about it before you decide where you are best suited? This Introduction to Set Decorating session will help answer your questions. Perfect for graduates and New Entrants. Cost £75+vat. All details and how to apply here ONE TO ONE CAREER SESSIONS - BOOK A SLOT These sessions are like a secret guidebook – all the stuff that you need to know but no-one ever tells you.” This one hour session looks at where you want to be in the film and television drama industries and what you need to do to get there. We look at your CV to make sure it is industry focussed and then identify who you need to get it to and when. Cost £125+vat. All details and how to apply here

INDUSTRY SESSIONS WORKING WITH SFX with Chris Corbould - 13th January 10:00-11:30 Zoom Chris has been one of the industry’s leading SFX Supervisors with credits including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, No Time to Die, Star Wars (eps 6 and 7), Spectre, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception……the list goes on! Chris will be joining us to talk about his career, SFX and how the SFX teams collaborate with the Art Department teams to create those incredible sequences. Full details and applications to be released next week.


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